Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Valued Customer:

As a significant part of our commitment to Quality Assurance, we ask for your assistance through completing this survey. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and services to your company.

* Restrictions apply, see

For a limited time, we are holding a monthly random drawing of all survey submissions for that month and one lucky winner will be sent a $50 Gift Card*. Winners must be a current customer and over 18 years old.

If you have an observation or recommendation on how we can do something to build a better product or to provide excellent customer service, please let us know. If you are the random winner and you made a suggestion that is implemented as a process improvement, we will double the price to a $100 Gift Card*.

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How would you rate our level of responsiveness to your questions concerning our products or services?
How would you rate our products ability to meet your requirements?
How would you rate the quality of our products or services?
How would you rate the value of our product or services?
On Time Delivery
How would you rate our performance on delivering your product when promised?
Repeat Business
What is the chance you will purchase additional products and services from us in the future?
Technical Support
How would you rate our support staff in assisting you with any questions or concerns on your product?
Web Site
How would you rate our web site and its ability to assist you in your product selection?
Customer Service
How would you rate our customer service and responsiveness?
How would you rate our packaging and its ability to protect your product during shipping?
How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?
Customer Satisfaction
Overall, how would you rate your buying experience with our company?
Among the evaluated elements, please identify the level of importance each has on your daily business. Important Very Important Extremely Important
On Time Delivery
Technical Support
Customer Service
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