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Overstock and discontinued inventory now available at reduced pricing

From Cable and Fiber assemblies, jumpers, patch panels, contact and connectors, to wire and cable, at Amphenol Custom Cable we stock a huge assortment of these components and assemblies to meet custom requirements of our customers. We do however sometime have surplus inventory and we are now offering overstock to our customers at substantially discounted pricing. Quanties vary depending on item, and all sales are final however we still offer our standard warranty for quality and workmanship on these items. Click here to shop our discounted inventory.

Fiber Optic Network Products 

Inside Plant Assemblies

Fiber Jumpers Fiber Jumpers
Multi-Fiber Cables Multi-Fiber Cables
MTP® / MPO Fiber Optic Cables MTP® / MPO Cables
Fiber Optic MTP® / MPO Cassettes MTP® / MPO Cassettes

Outside Plant Assemblies

MDU & Flat Drop Cables MDU & Flat Drop Cables
Multi-Fiber Cables Multi-Fiber Cables
MTP® / MPO Fiber Optic Cables MTP® / MPO Cables
CATV Node Cables CATV Node Cables
OptiTip™ Cables OptiTip™ Cables

Specialty / Wireless Assemblies

E2000 Drop Cables E2000 Drop Cables
AARC® Fiber Optic Cables AARC® FTTAntenna
FullAXS® Fiber Optic Cables FullAXS®

Tools & Accessories

Fiber Optic Cleaners Fiber Optic Cleaners
Cable Ties & Labels Cable Ties & Labels
Field Connectors/Kits Field Connectors/Kits
Fiber Tech Tools Fiber Tech Tools
Launch Reels Launch Reels

Enclosures & Hardware

Outside Wall Mount Enclosures Outside Wall Mount Enclosures
Inside Wall Mount Enclosures Inside Wall Mount Enclosures
Rack Mount Enclosures Rack Mount Enclosures
Adapter Plates Adapter Plates
Panels Panels

Passive Components

Attenuators Attenuators
Fiber Optic Loopbacks Fiber Optic Loopbacks
Splitters Splitters

Copper Network Products 

Ethernet / Category

Cat 5E Cat 5E
Cat 6 Cat 6
10G & 40G SFP Assemblies 10G & 40G SFP Assemblies

RF Assemblies

QuickBuildRF ™

Telco / Data Comm

DS 1 – Champ DS 1 – Champ
DS 3 - Coaxial DS 3 - Coaxial

Wireless Specialty

RET Cables RET Cables

Enclosures & Hardware

Feed Through Panels Feed Through Panels
HDPP Panels HDPP Panels
Copper Adapters Copper Adapters

Racks, Cabinets, and Cable Management 


Outside Wall Mount Enclosures Outside Wall Mount Enclosures
Inside Wall Mount Enclosures Inside Wall Mount Enclosures
Rack Mount Enclosures Rack Mount Enclosures

Cable Management

Racks Racks
Cabinets Cabinets

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Learn More About Amphenol Custom Cable, Your Network Infrastructure Partner

Why Amphenol Custom Cable?
Quality & Certifications
Shipping & Order Management
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What does Amphenol Custom Cable do?
Amphenol Custom Cable helps its clients connect technology by providing high quality products and services with a lower total cost of ownership. Amphenol Custom Cable has two operating divisions: the Assembly Division (AD) and the Network Services Division (NSD). The AD manufactures cable assemblies in our plant in Tampa, Florida. NSD provides data and communication network contracting services and has service centers in Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta (Georgia), and Charlotte (North Carolina).
Can we buy direct from Amphenol Custom Cable?
Of course. Amphenol Custom Cable does 99% of our business direct with the end user or customer. As a supplier of custom products, we believe our customers are best served by dealing direct. We are focused on minimizing costs and maximizing service, and we love to help our customers in every way possible.
Do you manufacture all of your products in the US?
Amphenol Custom Cable is the largest domestic manufacturer of custom fiber assemblies and has off shore support from Amphenol Fiber Optic Products. This combination of price, quality, and service makes Amphenol Custom Cable a unique supply chain partner and with domestic and offshore manufacturing, our customers get serviced on a local, national and global scale.
What products do you provide?
Amphenol Custom Cable is a single source for a diverse range of high-quality value-added cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and integrated solutions. In our TL 9000 certified plant in Tampa, we assemble fiber, copper, RF and specialty cable products for many industries and applications.
Can Amphenol Custom Cable support large deployments?
Absolutely. Amphenol Custom Cable products meet the highest standards in the industry and the company has experience supporting national deployments providing 100,000's of custom products with rapid lead times, national logistic support and great communication.
What certifications do you hold for your facility and products?
Amphenol Custom Cable takes pride in having achieved and maintaining the following certifications: Telcordia GR-326 CORE Issue 4, ISO9001:2015, TL-9000, Anritsu PIM/Sweep, and IPC/WHMA-A-620. Copies of our certifications or applicable third party test reports are available for review upon request. Just ask!
What does TL-9000 mean to me and the products you manufacture?
TL-9000 is a very stringent standard to which our quality management system (QMS) is audited annually and certified. An organization's QMS is its life blood and directly translates to how well products are manufactured and how efficiently all other departments deliver on customer requirements and expectations. Amphenol Custom Cable continues to perform at best-in-class levels and is one of fewer than 10 US-based organizations that hold this certification for cable assemblies.
What is GR 326 Issue 4 and what do your certifications represent?
Telcordia GR-326 is a set of standardized quality requirements for the production of fiber optic connectorized assemblies. Amphenol Custom Cable fiber products have been independently certified to these requirements. This ensures our fiber products will perform as well in 20 years as they do the day you receive them, guaranteed.
Some organizations claim their fiber products are GR-326 compliant. What is the difference between compliant and certified?
We are glad you asked. Compliance means the fiber product meets a specific physical specification the day it is manufactured, which does not assure extended life or network performance and reliability at higher speeds. Certification requires compliance to all optical loss performance and endface geometry requirements AFTER completion of ALL of the testing, which is rigorous and extensive. Amphenol Custom Cable is on a short list of manufacturers whose products are approved for use in some of the most stringent telecommunications networks in the world. Custom Cable has been certified by an independent third party testing laboratory to 100% of ALL mechanical, environmental and long term reliability requirements (above) in the latest GR-326 Issue 4 standard.

Networks are deployed for years and the capacity demands are constantly increasing. GR 326 certified products are deployed by the most demanding customers to ensure an extended life, network optimization and a lower cost of ownership.
Do you hold any quality certifications specific to the copper assemblies you build?
Absolutely! We are a global company and our products are manufactured to international standards, per IPC/WHMA-A-620 workmanship standards. This standard is recognized by all major OEMs and defense organizations ensuring consistent quality of skilled workmanship. The standard covers all aspects of wire harness and assembly manufacturing including wire/cable stripping, soldering, and crimping/inserting of connector contacts. Certified trainers are on staff and 100% of our assemblers are trained to these standards.
Can Amphenol Custom Cable PIM and Sweep Certify its RF products?
We sure can. Amphenol Custom Cable has extensive testing capabilities and tests its cables according to industry and customer specifications as required. Our engineers are Anritsu certified to assure our products are tested to the highest standards in the industry.
Does Amphenol Custom Cable test every cable it makes?
We inspect, test and qualify every assembly we manufacture, from basic patch cords to complex wire harnesses, to ensure our clients receive the highest quality possible. All products are tested prior to shipping and are labeled with a unique JOB number for field traceability. Assemblies are serialized and the individual test data is archived and/or shipped with the product.
Can Amphenol Custom Cable provide samples or "first piece" articles for testing?
We can and we do! One way to get the right cable is to detail the requirements up-front and sometimes a first article is required to be sure.
How do you ensure the long term reliability of your products?
By starting with the end in mind, Amphenol Custom Cable designs long term reliability into its products. This commitment is evident in the depth of our QA and Engineering department, which is continually researching the latest manufacturing technology and developing new processes to ensure our products not only work, but are best-in-class. Period. Whether it is via our in house temperature & humidity environmental chamber, custom engineered production tooling, or the latest automation equipment, we are committed to producing products that outlast their application.
Can I get test data for a cable after it has shipped?
No worries, we have you covered. All assemblies we ship are uniquely serialized and this serial number is located on the cable assembly label. It is a number string beginning with the letter "J". Simply click on the "QA Search" link at the bottom of this page and enter this number.
How do I place an order?
All orders are placed at checkout in one of two ways: by credit/debit card or purchase order. Credit card customers can pay with a credit card, in the traditional online checkout process. Purchase order customers with credit terms can save their quote into My Account, attach a PDF of their company purchase order, then click Buy Now which will forward the purchase order and quote to our sales team. It's as easy at that!
What are the standard lead times and availability for the products on this site?
We are known for our rapid turnaround; our standard lead times are 7-10 days. Some components may be on order or in higher demand, in which case we will "check availability." We try to offer products we know we can deliver, but we understand there are always things beyond our control.
How will I know my order has been received, scheduled and when it has shipped?
We want you informed. You will receive a series of order and shipping acknowledgements from us. We will send a Purchase Order Acceptance (POA) upon receipt of the order. Within 24 hours of receipt, we will follow up with a Scheduled Date Notification (SDN), notifying you of the scheduled ship date. The Advanced Ship Notification (ASN) is sent by 12:00 EST the day after your order has shipped.
How are the shipping costs calculated?
Very precisely. The shipping weight for your order is calculated at checkout and is based on the actual weights of the products in your cart. The container or box size is selected by cable length and quantity, and these costs are added at checkout based on your shipping method selection.
Who pays the shipping costs?
Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. We can take care of these charges by adding these to your invoice or we can use a valid 3rd party account for carriers like FedEx or UPS.
How will my order ship?
UPS Ground is standard, faster options are available at checkout. Most carriers pick up at Amphenol Custom Cable every day. We will let you know when your order will ship and you can let us know how you want your order shipped (same day, next day two day, three day, etc.). If your company has a transportation routing guide, no problem. Send it and we will make sure to ship your orders according to the guide.
How do I expedite my order?
We know stuff happens and quicker turn-around is needed to keep your project on schedule. We strive to accommodate all expedite requests. Just contact our customer service team and we'll be happy to help you.
Who takes the responsibility for items damaged during shipping?
It's a rare occurrence, but sometimes things get damaged or lost in transit. So all packages shipped UPS or FedEx are automatically insured for the first $100.00. If you think more insurance is a good idea it can be added at an additional cost. Just let us know when you place your order.
Do you provide shipping and tracking information?
We want you to stay informed so we automatically email you the tracking information when your order ships. If you miss the email, no problem. Just go to, click on the View Tracking link and input the PO number to receive the scheduled ship date and tracking information.
How is my order packaged?
All orders are packed in standard and double walled corrugated boxes, based on your package weight and size. To ensure contents are kept safe in transit we utilize air filled pillows and bubble wrap. We DO NOT use styrofoam packing peanuts, so there is no mess to clean up when you open your package.
What happens if I have to return a package?
To return any item you will first need to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from customer service. They will coordinate the return and disposition of your merchandise.
Is my company already a Amphenol Custom Cable customer?
Amphenol Custom Cable has direct relationships with hundreds of companies; please contact our customer service team to see if we have done business before.
Does my company get customer specific pricing?
We offer customer and item specific pricing to all of our customers. We understand that certain corporate credit terms, conditions or order volumes warrant different prices. All customer pricing is managed by company. Please MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN FIRST to access your company's price book.
How do we open an account?
Opening an account is easy and secure. To open up an account with us you will just need to provide some basic information. Access our online account application which will guide you through the process. Our basic account is for customers who will be paying by credit or debit card and want the ability to quickly place additional orders and track order history.
How can I get credit terms for my company?
It's easy. Customers wishing to establish credit with us we will need a completed credit application. Follow the instructions on the application making sure all the information is current and accurate then submit. Credit approvals can be authorized in as little as 24 hours.
Can I make a credit card purchase?
Yes, credit and debit card purchases are welcome. Just select this option at checkout. Your credit/debit card will be charged at time of shipment. These transactions are handled at "checkout," after you`ve completed your cable designs and Bill of Material.
Can I place a small order?
We support small orders in most cases. Some restrictions may apply. Contact sales for complete details.
How do I get support?
Our inside sales support and outside sales teams work together to help you find, design and get exactly what you need. If you would like to get this kind of support just contact customer service to get the ball rolling.

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